Rooii - Crafting Elegance for Your Home

Rooii is a brand that takes pride in producing handcrafted homewares, each piece bearing the touch of skilled hands dedicated to perfection. Every Rooii creation is a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. Handmade by the craftsmen and craftswomen who share our devotion to quality.

Designed in Australia and meticulously hand-printed and handcrafted in India, our creations are a fusion of global inspiration and local expertise.

Our homeware range, including summer bedding, lightweight summer quilts, kantha quilts, table cloths, cotton sheets, coastal quilt covers, rugs, ottomans and wooden kitchenware, is designed to not just furnish but to elevate.

Rooii – where every creation is crafted with love and designed to bring a touch of art into your home.


Handcrafted Homewares

Indigo Patchwork Cotton Filled Quilt/Bedspread Hand Block print - Rooii by Tuvisha
Cotton Kantha Quilt/Bedspread/Coverlet/Throw - Tropical Leaf Hand stitched Kantha Quilt - Rooii by Tuvisha
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    Carving on the Block

    In this traditional technique of hand block printing the designs are first carved on the wooden blocks by the local artisans

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    Hand Block Printing

    The carved wooden blocks are then dipped in dyes and pressed on fabrics by the local artisans to get a particular design

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    Indigo is a natural and traditional dye which is sourced from a flower and is used in a lot of our products

4efabff1ab5def6897bdee0d46ce3bb2 - Rooii by Tuvisha


Rooted in the vibrant traditions of India, we are a brand that takes pride in producing handcrafted homewares, each piece carrying the soulful touch of local artisans. Our commitment to authenticity and ethical craftsmanship is woven into every thread and etched into each piece of wood.


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