5 Key Tips to Care for Your Hand-Block Printed Pieces

There’s nothing that quite elevates a space like a hand-block printed piece. And at Rooii, we share your love for these beautiful, eco-friendly designs crafted by talented artisans in India. But with such precious treasures in your home, you might be wondering - how do you care for these pieces to ensure they last a lifetime?

In this blog post, we'll delve into five key tips for taking care of your hand-block printed items. These guidelines will ensure your home decor fabric and clothing retain their unique charm, beauty, and quality for years to come.

1. Wash Your Home Decor Fabric Carefully to Preserve the Print

Hand-block printed items are crafted using eco-friendly dyes on natural materials, primarily cotton and linen. To keep these prints vibrant and the fabric in top condition, it is crucial to wash these pieces correctly.

Use a delicate machine cycle or hand wash at no more than 30 degrees, always using non-enzyme/non-biological washing powder or liquid. When washing your hand-block printed linen or cotton pieces, don't overcrowd the washing machine. Ensure there's enough space for the items to move freely, which will help avoid damage to the fabric.

For strong-coloured items, remember to wash them separately to prevent colour bleeding. It may take several washes to remove any excess dye, but patience here will ensure your prints maintain their beautiful hues.

2. Fabric Home Decor Drying Guidelines: Inside-Out, Away from Strong Light

Just as important as washing, drying your printed fabric home decor pieces properly will keep the material from losing its charm. Avoid tumble drying, which can be harsh on delicate fabrics. Instead, pull the item to shape and dry it inside-out and away from strong light. This method will help protect the eco-dyes and the texture of the fabric.

3. Caring for Your Handcrafted Quilts

Handcrafted quilts require special care due to their delicate nature and detailed design. For Rooii's hand-block printed quilts, airing regularly outside on a sunny day is a great way to refresh them. This method eliminates the need for frequent washing, which can wear down the fabric over time. If washing is necessary, follow the same guidelines for other printed pieces - a gentle cycle or hand wash at 30 degrees with non-enzyme/non-biological detergent.

4. Pay Attention to Linen Care

Linen items are the essence of comfort, particularly in warmer seasons. This breathable fabric can last for years with the right care, gradually becoming softer and softer over time. Similar to cotton items, wash linen pieces in a delicate machine cycle or by hand, again at no more than 30 degrees. Use a non-enzyme/non-biological washing powder or liquid, and never bleach. Always remember to wash linen items with similar colours to prevent any potential discolouration.

5. Airing and Ironing

Ironing your printed pieces, particularly linen ones, can improve their texture and appearance. Remember to iron when the fabric is slightly damp, either straight from the wash or lightly sprayed with water. Use low to medium heat settings on your iron and, for coloured items, iron them inside out to prevent colour fading.

We hope you found this guide helpful for maintaining the quality of your beautiful hand-block printed items. By following these tips, you can ensure your Rooii pieces - whether they're fabric home decor or something else – continue to shine in their original splendour for years to come.

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Keep caring for your prints and they'll keep adding beauty to your life