Why Get Premium Handcrafted Quilts?

Rooii By Tuvisha introduces you to a whole new wave of craftsmanship with a story.  Our handcrafted quilts are not just products. They are the embodiment of an ancient tradition, passed down through generations of Indian artisans. Each quilt is a testament to their skill and dedication, providing you with a piece that is as unique as it is beautiful.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Our Hand Block Printing Stands Out

You might be wondering right now what makes us unique from others in the industry. We have so many reasons to stand out among the crowd but we have our top 5 reasons that would greatly benefit you here among others.

Superior Quality


Designed in Australia and crafted on 100% cotton by local artisans in India, our handcrafted quilts undergo rigorous quality control to ensure flawless stitching and prints. When you buy a quilt online from us, you are investing in a product of exceptional durability and quality, promising not just visual appeal but also unparalleled comfort.


Designs that Speak to You


The key to a perfect bedroom aesthetic is in selecting items that resonate with your personal style. Our collection ranges from traditional patterns to contemporary designs, offering something for everyone. As you browse through our handmade quilts for sale online, we're confident you'll find that perfect piece which speaks to you.




Our quilts are not limited to just being placed on beds. They can be thrown over a couch, hung on a wall, or used as a picnic blanket. Their versatility makes them a worthy addition to your home, offering you a tool for easy, impactful transformations.


A Green Choice


Choosing our handcrafted quilts means supporting a sustainable, ethical supply chain. We use 100% cotton, a renewable and biodegradable resource, and support the livelihood of artisans, promoting fair trade practices. Every time you buy a quilt online from us, you make a green choice.


Easy Shopping Experience


At Rooii By Tuvisha, we prioritise your comfort not just in our quilts but also during the shopping process. We've streamlined the experience to make it easy for you. You can browse our range, select your favourite piece, and order it with just a few clicks.


Wrap your world in comfort with our handmade quilts. Each stitch weaves a story of artistry, tradition, and superior quality, offering a piece that will elevate your living space while providing cosy comfort.



Why is Block Printing Important?


Block printing, one of the oldest methods of printmaking, holds significant importance for a multitude of reasons, spanning cultural, economic, artistic, and historical dimensions:


Cultural Significance

  • Regional Identity: Different regions, especially in countries like India, have distinct block printing styles that signify their cultural identity. For instance, the "Dabu" print of Rajasthan or the "Ajrakh" print of Gujarat in India are distinctive to those regions.
  • Traditional Art: In many cultures, block printing is a cherished art form handed down through generations. Each print carries with it stories, myths, and symbols of its people.


Economic Impact

  • Livelihood: Block printing is the primary source of income for numerous artisans. Entire communities often rely on the craft for their livelihood, passing the skills and techniques from one generation to the next.
  • Tourism and Exports: Renowned block-printed textiles attract tourists and contribute significantly to exports, thus bolstering the local economy.


Artistic Value

  • Unique Creations: Unlike mass-produced prints, block-printed items are often unique, with slight variations that add character and individuality to each piece.
  • Versatility: Beyond textiles, block printing techniques are used in creating artwork, books, wallpapers, and various decorative items.


Environmental Considerations

  • Sustainability: Traditional block printing, especially when using natural dyes, is environmentally friendly. It eschews the synthetic chemicals and heavy machinery used in more modern industrial textile printing methods.
  • Low Waste: Hand block printing usually results in lesser waste compared to mass production techniques. The dyes are often used judiciously, and excess material is reduced.


Historical Importance

  • Documentation: Block prints on ancient textiles can offer insights into the aesthetics, values, and societal norms of bygone eras.
  • Trade and Expansion: Historically, block-printed fabrics were among the traded goods that travelled along routes such as the Silk Road, influencing global art, fashion, and trade.


Educational Importance

  • Craft Preservation: Educational institutions worldwide recognize the value of block printing as a craft, often teaching it as a part of art and design curricula to preserve and perpetuate the tradition.
  • Cognitive Development: The process of block printing – from design conceptualization to the physical act of printing – enhances creativity, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.


Block printing is much more than just an artistic technique. It's a testament to the intertwined relationship of culture, history, economy, and art. As we continue to globalise and modernise, it becomes even more crucial to recognize and preserve such invaluable traditions that tell the tales of our collective human heritage.



The Bottom Line


Hand printing, especially when it pertains to textiles, is a rich and intricate process that has been passed down through generations in many cultures around the world. The process involves design creation, preparing the block, preparing the fabric, making the dye or inks, printing, setting the dye, and doing the final wash and finish.


Embrace the beauty of handcrafted quilts and let your bedroom tell a story of luxury and elegance. Don't wait! immerse yourself in our quilt collection and experience the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. The quilt of your dreams is just a click away.


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