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Rooii by Tuvisha

Indigo Multi stripe Throw Rug

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Introducing our "Indigo Multi-Stripe Throw Rug," a testament to the artistry and dedication of local artisans in India. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry woven into each inch of this handcrafted masterpiece.

Hand-printed with precision and care, the rug features a vibrant array of hand printed white stripes, each telling a unique story of tradition and craftsmanship. Measuring 185cm x 125cm, this throw rug is not just a functional accent but a work of art that adds warmth and character to any space.

To preserve the integrity of the hand-printed design and the natural beauty of the fabric, we recommend a cold gentle wash. For optimal care, wash the rug separately to maintain its vivid colors and patterns. After cleaning, let the rug air dry outside, allowing it to bask in the fresh air and sunshine for a revitalized, cozy feel.

Elevate your home decor with the unique charm of our Indigo Multi-Stripe Throw Rug—a fusion of tradition, contemporary design, and the skilled hands of local artisans. Enrich your living spaces with a touch of cultural elegance and handmade authenticity.